Waiting for Something to Happen, 2012-ungoing
Print, Variable Dimensions
edition of 5 + 1 AP

The image as a process of translation of an absolute and imminent reality. The immediacy of the images as a cognitive instrument of different altern realities and identities in space-time; the pictures as a tool of collective memories, a reflection of society and a mirror of our selves.

“Waiting for Something to Happen” is the unique and irrepetible recollection of moments that hunts the “public intimacy”. Those moments where people feal asolaited yet in a public space. The moments portrayed –that occurs inside sociaty but where the character is absorbed by the mind waiting for something to happen or manifest outside their minds – are a faint copy of the real sensation that came form the “outside” world.

WFSTH explores the construction of the self and how sociaty shapes our desires and memories. The social experiences of which we are part of, or wish we were, that makes us outsiders, and lead us to have a double life. In one hand the globe-scale brain and the self-waiting their turn to become active.

It feals like these moments are freeze somewhere between the outside world and the inner world.

It can bring pleasure and suffering, desire and almost palpable nostalgia –just like “real sensations” –. 

In order to create understanding, I capture atmospheres that reflect “what is happening or not happening” and allows us to resolute “what is real and what is possible”. This way the viewer becomes aware of a vivid moment, exposing and creating personal conclusions.

A conscious mind is where the appreciation and sense of wonder happens.

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