Revolution of the Heart aka Perpetual Remains , 2016.

Revolution of the Heart aka Perpetual Remains , 2016.

Sometimes I feel this world we live in is dark. That everything is manufactured under a false truth.Made by few, not by many: most of us are just trying to survive or just busy on our phones - distraction strategy -. The roll that humans play is dumb and meaningless.The few who trace humanity’s path are mad, insane, ignorant, greedy, vain, heartless.They draw imaginary lines for society to coexist for their own interests. We as “the people” tend to blame them for everything that is wrong with our lives, –same old song- without knowing that they exist because WE create them. WE guide them, WE let them be.  Then we look in the mirror and what do we see? madness, ignorance and greed. Shamelessly we say to ourselves, “I’m not so bad, people do the same or worse”. So, who’s to blame?

History keeps repeating itself. We’re a strange loop, a hall of mirrors. All these panic spots around the globe seem to leads humanity into these chaotic and stupid cycles that we impose on ourselves. -A constant self-destruction-. Maybe it’s the only way we know to erase insane amounts of people: eliminate overpopulation and rise from the ashes.A modern unconscious Natural Selection, where the weakest are bound to vanish. But, under who’s ideals? Under what cost? Buddhism call this phenomena Samsara or cyclic existence: it is the never ending repetitive cycle of birth, death, and rebirth wandering from one life; to another with no particular direction or purpose, caused by desire and ignorance. It’s each soul’s karma. Modern Philosophy -physicalismm - says that 80% of the humanity today are zombies or ghosts. What the fuck? Ghosts are minds without bodies, Zombies are bodies without minds. More precisely, their bodies are exactly like yours and mine, down to the level of elementary particles, but without conscious experience. (Kirk 2005, p. 7). Zombies walk around, talk to each other, write blog posts about zombies, give likes on facebook, buy at wallmart, ask for plastic bags, defend animal cruelty, endorse Trump, rape, lie, smile, kill, consume; have a “normal life”, but without phenomenal experience. Sound familiar? Whether you buy it or not, it starts to ring a bell when you stop for one second and observe the world as it is right here right now.

After all catastrophes in history, all the events of mass destruction, humanity somehow moves along, recovers, and moves on to the next chapter.The following pages are a human-positive prologue. But as we follow the narrative we realize that we keep repeating ourselves, creating this universal Xerox machine. We’ve survived the World Wars, The Holocaust,Hiroshima, the Black Death, the pest, etc. Nevertheless, we wake up under the same world order: democracy. It feels like this nonsense is indestructible.A surprisingly well-structured system to keep the control in hands of the few.

Plato predicts this in The Republic (360 B.C.E): “a society with an enormous socioeconomic gap, where the poor remain poor and the rich become richer off the blood and sweat of others”. In the meanwhile, the people will beg for freedom and liberty. They will use it as a battle cry against their oppressors, sparking a revolution. What else is new then? After a revolution when the smoke clears, a new democracy will be established, and so on, and so on.

“Education is a system of imposed ignorance.” How can it then be destroyed? It’s easy as it gets: stop participating. Neo-liberalism creates consumers not citizens; slaves not free men.How can you imagine freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations? It simply makes no sense. Democracy is huge lie we created in order to believe in the power of people. Well, sure.

Sharp and brilliant minds that anticipate the chaos through the ages have been deemed as outsiders. From Plato to Chomsky, all of them damned by the media, the government and the people as utopic, aspirational, idiotic, and idealistic.As Mexicans in the middle of the chaos, we don’t to see it all coming. We think that American elections, Brexit or Putin have nothing to do with us, “we have serious problems in our country to tend to”. Yes, indeed. But we’re failing to comprehend the big picture.The great burden of cultural hybridation between Spain an Prehispanic Mexican roots has brought on social issues that center around the issue of identity.What happened to us is devastating. People are lost trying so hard to belong. Rejecting their past within our culture and wisdom. Proclaiming ourselves Mexicans when we don’t know anything about it. How has something like this happened? From being one of the must advanced civilizations on earth to be governed by fascist ignorant murderers that keep us low and down. And we keep asking why?-

“ You cannot conceive the many without the one” This saying refers not to our society, it’s all about the chain of events that will eventually affect us all. -Theory of Everything-. It all smells fishy. We’re living a kind of Cold War now. If it keeps moving quickly, we’re going to face a tsunami of violence that we cannot survive. 7.4 billion people inhabit the only home we know. But then again, people forget the most basic principle of all. The EARTH is our only Home, not our country, our nation, our neighborhood, not the 4 square walls we call home. It’s not about the imaginary lines we create to stay away from each other, is not about patriotism or nationalism, North America or Russia. It’s about our own selves. Can we be stronger? It’s absolutely naive to take the streets and scream for our rights – though must people out there don’t not know what that means- hoping that effort will spark some change. Gathering a bunch of people who “represent their countries” with fascist governments- in a narrow space seems futile and stupid. It would be so easy to shoot them all! We need to stay together but sharp as fuck, not angry not mad, and hitting the dragon right in the neck. Where can create change. Together.

The beginning is the most important part our work. We need a different revolution now in order to not repeat ourselves. The revolution is inwards not the other way around. If we want change in the world we need to change ourselves first. A basic cause and effect law. If you want a fair world, be fair with yourself and your loved ones. If you want intelligent and forward-thinking leaders, start thinking on your own. If you don’t want prices to rise, stop consuming.If you hate traffic, don’t be part of it. If you want a better education for your children, start at home by preaching by example and encourage free thinking. If you care about the planet, stop consuming products that hurt it. Hoarding material treasures does not make you a better man. If you don’t want to be robbed, stop paying taxes. If you want respect be tolerant. If even 20% of awakened humans do the same all at once, change will be radical, though only if we act together. Stop complaining and just act.A conscious revolution seems utopic, idealistic, and aspirational. Well, yes. But is absolutely do-able.

All that happens outside is happening inside. All that we perceive, all phenomenal existence, all things that appear outside are manifestations of our own mind. This is what universal consciousness means. This is total awareness.

“To be conscious that we’re perceiving... is to be conscious of our own existence”


Revolution of the Heart aka Perpetual Remains , 2016.

This Piece was created in a Tadao Ando space Casa Wabi in Oaxaca Mexico in collaboration with portugues artists Paulina Almeida.

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