Non-Residents, 2015

Mexico City has to many faces, so many stories that had an imprint in their lifes, and at the same time have a huge impact on their faces. Non-Residents explores the huge amount of people passing by without any apparent reason in a small street in Downtown Mexico city. Different faces, cultures, races, backgrounds, traumas, desires and broken dreams, gathering all at the same time in the same place. This portraits represents the base of the economic pyramid in Mexico; the poor, outcasted, homeless, non-residens, the marginal, people that has been working all their lives to survive and just those who call home, the street.

Non-Residents expose the implacable truth about the mayority of people living in this City; Struggling.

This pictures where taken in a very busy street in Downtown Mexico City where I live. I was encouraged to a different kind of portrait that illustrated everything that the face itself has to say. I put a color background on the street and put a sign that said "free portraits" and just waited until the face that catches my eye pass by. The majority of the people that I approached was hectic and some of them cooperative but again hectic, some of them curious accepted, sometimes I gave them some coins. I put a big flash straight to their faces and just shooted. I wanted it to be the most expressive as possible, to bring as much detail possible. There were dazzled by the flash and a bit confused. This was the result.

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